Strategic Marketing Manager, Laney Directional Drilling

Maureen Carlin, Ph.D.

Maureen has more than 14 years’ experience in construction engineering and project management for both vertical commercial construction and trenchless pipeline construction. Carlin’s areas of expertise are in advanced project planning and market analysis for Horizontal Directional Drilling and Direct Pipe® engineering and construction projects both domestically and internationally. This includes knowledge of established markets such as oil, gas, water and power in addition to emerging markets such as desalinization, offshore cabling and wind farming and military applications.

Carlin received B.S. degrees in Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. While working on large-scale and complicated projects in Las Vegas, Nevada, she received a M.B.A from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Carlin went on to receive a Ph.D. Civil Engineering with an Emphasis in Construction Engineering and Management. Carlin spent extended time in mainland China developing her dissertation studying horizontal directional drilling methods in China compared to North America.


Laney Directional Drilling

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