Fundamentals of Horizontal Directional Drilling in Conjunction with GTI


Fundamentals of HDD in Conjunction with the Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

Date: January 27

Time: 8:00am – 3:00pm CST

Cost: HDD session price is $695.00 USD

This Virtual Instructor-Led course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of designing and constructing pipelines using Horizontal Directional Drilling techniques.

The course will utilize design practice experience, as well as case examples of some complex drills to illustrate how HDD can improve constructability, and will discuss installing both steel and PE pipe using this technology.

Scope of Program & Learning Objectives for HDD:

  1. Fundamentals of HDD
    – HDD Safety
    – HDD Equipment Options
  2. Field Activities
    – Pre-Planning
    – Field Operations
    – Tracking Equipment/Electronics
    – As-Built Documentation
  3. Utility Locating/Damage Prevention; Cross Bores
  4. What’s New in Trenchless Technologies (presented by NASTT)
  5. Prep and Use of Drilling Fluids
  6. Drilling and Pull Back Operations
  7. Clean-up and mud disposal

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