Mid Atlantic Regional Chapter Webinar


MASTT Trenchless Technology 2021 Fall Webinar

Don’t miss this opportunity for free education before the end of 2021! There will be four technical presentations with a moderated, interactive Q&A section for each presentation. See abstracts and speaker details below.

Date: November 4, 2021

Time: 11:00 – 1:00 PM EST

Cost: FREE

MASTT Offers 2 PDHs Free With Approved Webinar Attendance


MODERATOR: Richard Thomasson, P.E., MASTT Chairman


11:00 am Opening Statement, Richard Thomasson

11:02 am  Preliminary Design and Installation of HDPE Piping Systems for Potable Water,

Wastewater and Reclaimed Water

Camille George Rubeiz P.E., F. ASCE, Plastics Pipe Institute

11:25 am  Q&A, Richard Thomasson and Camille Rubeiz

11:30 am  Internal Joint Seals – Where, When, How

Jeremy Kieninger, Miller Pipeline Corporation

11:55 am  Q&A, Richard Thomasson and Jeremy Kieninger

12:00 pm  Pressure Pipe Condition Assessment and Data Driven Prioritization

Jimmy Stewart, Advanced Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Solutions

12:25 pm  Q&A, Richard Thomasson and Jimmy Stewart

12:30 pm  Pilot Tube Method (PTM) of Guided Boring for New Pipeline Installations,

Jeff Boschert. P.E., National Clay Pipe Institute

12:55 pm  Q&A, Richard Thomasson and Jeff Boschert

1:00 pm  Closing Statement, Richard Thomasson







Camille George Rubeiz, PE, F. ASCE:  Preliminary Design and Installation of HDPE Piping Systems for

                                                Potable Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water

Camille is Senior Director of Engineering (M&I) at the Plastics Pipe Institute and he holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and MS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.  Camille is a registered professional engineer (NY), is the Secretary of the AWWA 263 [HDPE] Standards Committee, chairs the ANSI/AWWA C901, C906 and M55 Subcommittees, and is the co-chair of the Municipal Advisory Board with Mr. Luis Aguiar (Hazen & Sawyer; previously with Miami- Dade Water & Sewer).  Camille is also the Vice Chairman of the Mid Atlantic Society for Trenchless Technology (MASTT).


Jeremy Kieninger:  Internal Joint Seals – Where, When, How

Jeremy has been at Miller Pipeline for 14 years where he is the Superintendent of the WEKO-SEAL He travels across the US, Canada and even South America installing Internal Joint Seals and instructing others how to install internal joint seals.


Jimmy Stewart:  Pressure Pipe Condition Assessment and Data Driven Prioritization

Vice President/Business Development of Advanced Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Solutions (AWWIS) / Mechanical Jobbers Marketing performing Business Development Services for Mechanical Jobbers Marketing who is a leading firm providing rehabilitation for Manholes and Wet wells in the Eastern US and is a certified service provider for Pipeline Inspection and Analysis Corporation (PICA) a world leader in the condition assessment of Pressure Pipe in both the Water and Wastewater environments utilizing the most effective Acoustic and Electromagnetic available to Industry.  Jimmy has 25 years’ experience working in over 25 consent order driven cities where he has been Involved in the full-service environmental assessment, technical water/wastewater evaluation, rehabilitation for water wastewater and storm water systems. asset management and proven cutting edge digital  solutions. Jimmy is currently providing Condition Assessment, Rehab Recommendations, Asset Management and Digital Solutions for utilities and engineers primarily in the US.


Jeff Boschert, P.E.:  Pilot Tube Method (PTM) of Guided Boring for New Pipeline Installations

President of the National Clay Pipe Institute (NCPI).  Jeff is past president of the Midwest Society for Trenchless Technology (MSTT) and was one of the principal authors of the ASCE/ UESI Manual of Practice (MOP No. 133) on Pilot Tube and Other Guided Boring Methods.  Jeff is serving a 5-year term on the ASCE/ UESI Pipelines Division Executive Committee (EXCOM).  As President of NCPI, Jeff has completed comprehensive updates of the Vitrified Clay Pipe Engineering Manual, VCP Installation & Inspection Handbook and the new VCP Operations & Maintenance Handbook which was released in the fall of 2020.