Bituminous (Coating)

Of or containing bitumen; as asphalt or tar.

Blind Shield

Non-mechanical shield which has a controlled and partly sealed face.


Biological Oxygen Demand; a measure of the need for oxygen by organic processes.


Bid, performance and payment bonds and other instruments of security furnished by the contractor and his surety in accordance with the contract documents and in accordance with the law of the place of the project.


Electrical grade boots worn by all operators.


A generally horizontal hole produced underground primarily for the purpose of installing services.


(1) The dislodging or displacement of spoil by a rotating auger or drill string to produce a hole called a bore. (2) An earth-drilling process used for installing conduits or pipelines. (3) Obtaining soil samples for evaluation and testing.

Boring Machine

A mechanism to drill earth.

Boring Pit

An excavation in the earth of specified length and width for placing the machine on line and grade.


Per ASTM D653, a rock fragment, usually rounded by weathering or abrasion, with a dimension of 12 in. (305 mm) or more.


See Female Hex Connector.

Branch Sewer

A sewer into which at least two sanitary, combined or stormwater sewers connect.


Controls the joint make and/or break mechanism.

Bridge Plank (deck or flooring)

A corrugated steel sub-floor on a bridge to support a wearing surface.

Brittleness Temperature

Temperature at which 50% of the tested specimens will fail when subjected to an impact blow.


An amount of money needed or allocated for a specific use.

Building Combined Sewers

A small diameter pipe that conveys both wastewater and drainstormwater from a single property to a combined sewer.

Building Sanitary Drain

A small diameter pipe that conveys wastewater from a single property (e.g. domestic home) to a sanitary sewer.

Building Sewer

The conduit which connects building wastewater sources, to the public or street sewer, including lines serving homes, public buildings, commercial establishments, and industry structures. In this specification, the building sewer is referred to in two sections. (1) the section between the building line and the property line, frequently specified and supervised by plumbing or housing officials; and (2) the section between the property line and the street sewer, including the connection thereto frequently specified and supervised by sewer, public works, or engineering officials (Referred to also as “house sewer,” “building connection,)’ “service connection,” or “lateral connection”).

Building Stormwater

A small diameter pipe that conveys stormwater runoff drain from the roof and any paved areas of a single property to a stormwater sewer.


The power of supporting a floating body, including the tendency to float an empty pipe (by exterior hydraulic pressure).

Buried Objects

Items in the ground that can affect MTBM advancement  and line and grade control. Buried objects that prevent continued advancement along the design path, which includes tolerances, are called obstructions.

Burst Strength

The internal pressure required to cause a pipe or fitting to fail within a specified time period.


See Female Hex Connector.

Butt Fusion

A method of joining polyethylene pipe where two pipe ends and rapidly brought together under pressure to form a homogeneous bond.