NASTT offers a free webinar series to help the underground construction community expand their trenchless knowledge. This training on trenchless rehabilitation and new installation features top experts in the field. Attendees receive education from the convenience of their home or office, yet are able to actively participate using a Q&A platform.

  • Accurate and objective
  • No commercial content
  • Free to both members and non-members of NASTT

NASTT’s Upcoming Webinars:

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Instantly watch our archived webinars:

2019 Archived Webinars
Pipe Bursting

2018 Archived Webinars
Introduction to Trenchless Technology – New Installation Methods
Introduction to Trenchless Technology – Rehabilitation

The following webinar archive links are currently under construction:

2017 Archived Webinars
Trenchless Trends in the Gas Industry
Municipal Contracts
Sealing a Collection System

2016 Archived Webinars
Alternative Project Delivery
Small Diameter Tunneling
Water Main Rehabilitation

2015 Archived Webinars
NASTT’s Pipe Ramming Webinar
NASTT’s Manhole Rehabilitation Webinar
This webinar experienced brief technical difficulties with audio at 12 minutes, 30 seconds into the webinar for approximately 40 seconds. Click here for the transcript during this portion.

2014 Archived Webinars
Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP)
Condition Assessment for Watermains

2013 Archived Webinars
Pipe Bursting, HDD and CIPP for the Gas Industry
Sewer Laterals
There were intermittent issues with the first speaker’s audio connection during the Sewer Laterals webinar. Issues are resolved approximately 15 minutes into the 1.5 hour webinar.

2012 Archived Webinars
Trenchless Rehabilitation – Part 1
Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining, Spray-on Systems, Tight Fit Lining Systems, Lateral Lining
Trenchless Rehabilitation – Part 2
Pipe Bursting, Spot Repairs, Sliplining, Grout in Place Lining Systems, Spiral Liners, Manhole Rehabilitation
Trenchless New Installation – Part 1
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Microtunneling, Open Shield Pipe Jacking
Trenchless New Installation – Part 2
Auger Boring, Pilot Tube, Pipe Ramming, Guided Boring, Moling/Piercing