Pipe Bursting vs. Open Cut Excavation Comparison When Replacing Water Main (Video)

June 24, 2020 by NASTT Staff

Thank you to Murphy Pipelines for this guest post. Check out the video!

Watch the video of a typical day of pre-chlorinated pipe bursting

View what a ‘typical’ day of pre-chlorinated pipe bursting looks like when replacing water main in a residential neighborhood. This pipe burst entails replacing 650 feet of 10-inch cast iron water main with new 10-inch HDPE pipe.

It’s generally stated that static pipe bursting uses 85% less excavation than open cut when replacing water main. But what are the real numbers on an actual project?

Static pipe bursting uses 11 times less excavation:

Looking at the math of how we get to 11 times less excavation using static pipe bursting to replace water main.

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