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Honoring NASTT members who have garnered outstanding accomplishments and made exceptional contributions to the advancement of the North American trenchless industry and NASTT.

Eligibility: Nominees can be current or former NASTT members who have been members for a minimum of 10 years and are age 50 or older. Nominees are eligible for consideration for three consecutive years. After three years, prior nominees are considered ineligible for the next two consecutive years.

Application: Nomination window opens after the NASTT No-Dig Show and closes in September. Only current NASTT members can submit nominations. A complete nomination must include:

+ Online Nomination Form – Be prepared to supply a nominee biography of up to 500 words and a description of achievements, honors and key contributions. If you are submitting the nomination to recognize a candidate posthumously, you will be asked to supply the name and email of a family contact.

+ Three letters of recommendation from NASTT members who know the nominee in diverse capacities and can discuss varied experiences or qualities.

+ Photo of the nominee

Nominations must be submitted by September 30

If you have any questions, contact membership@nastt.org.

Mr. Brian Dorwart, PE, PG started in the construction industry in 1972 as a geologist, geotechnical exploration driller, and construction technician in Rochester, NY.

Steven Kramer has 38 years of experience in engineering/construction and research and development serving the infrastructure industry.

Kevin Miller officially started his career in 1973 at Miller Pipeline, an Ohio company started by his uncle and father in 1953.

Dennis Doherty is a versatile principal engineer with proven experience and is recognized nationally as a leader in trenchless technology.

Paul has spent 32 years in the trenchless technology industry promoting the development and use of microtunneling.

Mike’s career in infrastructure management and trenchless technology has spanned nearly 50 years!

James “Jim” S. Barbera founded Barbco, a family-run manufacturing company, in 1989.

Tom is Vice President, Engineering & Technology, for Underground Solutions, Inc.

Lynn Osborn spent his entire professional career working in the water and wastewater industries.

Maynard Akkerman has dedicated his career to the principals of NASTT’s mission through trenchless underground construction equipment innovation and advocacy.

Chris Macey has worked in the trenchless industry as a consultant, mentor, educator, and leader for over 40 years.

Colleagues regard Bob as a true statesman in the construction industry.

Chris Brahler has been a leader in the underground and trenchless construction industries for over 40 years.

Ian Doherty’s introduction to trenchless was the 1988 ISTT No-Dig Show, Washington about 30 years ago now.

George Ragula is a recognized leader in the industry and has spent the last 31 years of his 40 year career in the gas industry committed to the ever-growing technologies in trenchless construction.

Joseph L. Abbott Jr. had a distinguished resume of sewer rehabilitation experience.

John Hemphill is the former Executive Director of both NASTT and ISTT.

Tom Iseley has a difficult time establishing when he was first introduced to the underground infrastructure industry but he does remember when he was first officially employed as a laborer on a sewer pipeline project.

From NASA Engineer to Underground Pipeline Inspection Innovator.

Martin Cherrington conceived the use of Horizontal Directional Drilling as a practical alternative to conventional trenching methods beginning in the 1960’s.

Over the past decades, Ken Foster has been a leading presence in the trenchless industry in Canada, the western United States and the United Kingdom.

Richard Thomasson is the original Chair of NASTT and is one of the five individuals that founded the society in 1990.

Ron Halderman graduated from the Colorado School of Mines and for the past 35 years has been working in the drilling industry.

David Magill, Jr. was a pioneer in the chemical grout industry and was the first President of Avanti International, a company that he championed for over thirty years.

Kaleel Rahaim is a graduate Chemical Engineer from Mississippi State University.

Robert Affholder is a trenchless industry pioneer who continues to play a leading role 50-plus years later as vice chairman of SAK Construction.

Joseph Loiacono, P.Eng, has been involved with trenchless technologies since 1989 when he attended his first No-Dig Conference in London.

Dr. Ray Sterling, P.E., is professor emeritus at Louisiana Tech University, where from 1995 to 2009 he served as the director of its Trenchless Technology Center.

Dr. Dave Bennett is the owner and president of Bennett Trenchless Engineers, a specialty engineering consulting firm in Folsom, CA that focuses 100% on trenchless pipeline design, CM, and expert services.

Edwin Malzahn is the founder and Chairman of the Board for The Charles Machine Works, Inc. located in Perry, OK.

Eric Wood, born in South Yorkshire England, may have started out as a simple agricultural engineer, but his knack for invention served as the catalyst to create an entire industry.

Frank started with Baroid, in the oilfield, in 1975. After training in Houston, he was transferred to the Rocky Mountains where he worked for 14 years, living in New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Bernard P. Krzys is the founder of Benjamin Media, Inc., publishers of Compact Equipment, NASTT Trenchless Today, North American Oil & Gas Pipelines, Solar Builder/Wind Builder, Trenchless Technology, TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine, Utility Contractor and Water Utility Infrastructure Management (UIM).

Gary J. Vermeer was the founder and chairman of Vermeer Corporation (previously known as Vermeer Manufacturing Company), located in Pella, Iowa.