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NASTT is an engineering society of individuals, public organizations and private companies with strong beliefs in the practical, social and environmental benefits of trenchless technology.

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What is Trenchless Technology?

Trenchless technology is a progressive civil engineering process for the installation, replacement or renewal of underground utilities with no or minimal excavation and surface disruption. These innovative methods have been utilized successfully for all underground utilities including water mains, storm and sanitary sewers, gas main, electrical and fiber optics conduits. When employed in urban areas, substantial benefits are realized including dramatically reduced disruption to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, to business activities, to residential areas, and to environmentally sensitive areas. Trenchless technologies are the premier crossing options for major roads, railways, waterways as well as natural or manmade structures. In most cases, trenchless techniques will demonstrate significant cost saving benefits for municipalities and utilities over traditional open trench methods. Recent advancements in robotics have allowed trenchless technologies to provide pipe condition diagnostics never before available permitting utility owners to more accurately identify infrastructure priorities.

Who is NASTT?

NASTT is an engineering society of individuals, public organizations and private companies with strong beliefs in the practical, social and environmental benefits of trenchless technology. Founded in 1990, NASTT represents more than 2,000 members throughout the U.S.A and Canada who all promote better and more responsible ways to manage our underground infrastructure. NASTT’s mission is to advance trenchless technology and to promote its benefits for the public and the natural environment by increasing awareness and knowledge through technical information dissemination, research and development, education and training. NASTT strives to provide a representative voice for all sectors of the trenchless technology industry. For 26 years, the all-volunteer members of NASTT have presented non-commercial information seminars and training about these “green alternative” engineering methods to North American communities.

What are the benefits of NASTT Membership?

There is great value in NASTT membership including substantial discounts for the “Good Practices” trenchless training programs and publications, plus registration discounts to the annual NASTT No-Dig Show and to all local educational seminars. Complimentary benefits include numerous industry publications and free access to the world’s largest online trenchless technical library. Networking is a major benefit of the society as NASTT is the best industry link to trenchless professionals via local and national events. NASTT members are permitted active participation in all working committees and at our many educational events. One membership enrolls an individual as a local Regional Chapter member, as a full voting NASTT member and as a member of the International Society of Trenchless Technology which represents 26 nations worldwide.

Why is NASTT important?

  • On-site Training – NASTT is known for offering high quality “Good Practices” trenchless courses in communities throughout North America. All presentation material is thoroughly peer-reviewed for consensus-based information and non-commercialism. Our instructors are volunteer members of the society, and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for participants. NASTT offers complimentary on-site trenchless training to municipalities and utilities as part of our outreach initiatives.
  • Publishing – NASTT publishes peer-reviewed, non-commercial technical books and manuals based on our suite of Good Practices trenchless courses. We also publish and distribute free-of-charge a society magazine known as NASTT’s Trenchless Today. In addition, we offer complimentary copies of all technical papers presented at NASTT’s annual No-Dig Show and host the world’s largest online library of trenchless technology information. NASTT also contributes trenchless information to the publications of other organizations such as the American Public Works Association.
  • Webinar Training – NASTT offers complimentary internet based trenchless technology webinars to the entire underground industry for rehabilitation of existing infrastructure as well as the installation of new utilities. We average more than 500 attendees per session primarily from the United States and Canada plus many international participants.
  • No-Dig Show – NASTT’s annual No-Dig Show is the society’s flagship educational and networking event. NASTT’s No-Dig Show offers quality, non-commercial technical papers (approximately 160 per year); an exhibition hall with more than 185 trenchless companies displaying their products and services; a series of specialized trenchless training courses; plus many entertaining networking events and special industry related awards. NASTT’s No-Dig Show is the largest trenchless technology conference in North America averaging 2,000 industry professionals.
  • Research – NASTT funds and co-funds research projects that directly benefit society and the natural environment. The NASTT Carbon Calculator tool allows municipalities and their agents to accurately compare the environmental impact of traditional open trench construction to trenchless methods. This program was developed to reinforce trenchless technology as a “green alternative”. NASTT offers this unique software to all North American municipalities and utilities as a complimentary benefit of membership in the society. Industry research funding is an annual NASTT expense. (NASTT’s Carbon Calculator is currently under construction to improve its features.)

How can NASTT make a difference?

As NASTT continues to grow and take on new challenges, it is important for our not-for-profit society to serve and support our diverse industry partners. We proudly represent municipalities and public utilities, consultants and engineers, manufacturers and suppliers, trenchless contractors, and academia. We are proud to support 11 Regional Chapters and 18 Student Chapters. We attempt to reach out to all these groups and share with our communities the latest industry trenchless advancements and our continuing education opportunities. The many benefits of trenchless solutions for today’s infrastructure challenges will always be our strength.

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