August 3, 2021, was a significant day for North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) as the 12th and latest Regional Chapter was formed, covering the 32 states of Mexico.

Matthew Izzard, NASTT Executive Director and Alan Goodman, Chair of the Board of Directors, met with founding members Sergio Alvarado (Underground Construction Equipment Mexico), Chapter President; Adrian Cordero (Tubepol), Chapter Vice-President; Itzel Mora (Tubemas), Secretary; and Caesar Alvarado (Hammerhead), Executive Officer for the inaugural meeting of the NASTT Mexico Regional Chapter – MEXTT.

The addition of this Chapter offers complete coverage of the North American continent for NASTT with Mexico joining the three Canadian and eight United States Chapters in the Society.

The NASTT Board, under Craig Vandaelle, formed an initiative group to create the Chapter, with Board Members Tiffanie Mendez and Alan Ambler central to its development and working with Itzel Mora to engage volunteers in the creation of the new chapter. This culminated in the inaugural meeting and formation of the Regional Chapter Board to provide local engagement to the members in developing trenchless technology knowledge and education.

MEXTT President, Sergio Alvarado commented: “I am very grateful for the opportunity to be one of the founding members and to be elected president of MEXTT, as well as recognizing my colleagues Itzel Mora, Adrian Cordero, Eduardo Ortegon and Cesar Alvarado who are part of this executive board.

We are very excited about the future growth of our association, and we will be preparing our work plan in the short, medium and long term to publicize the benefits that we can bring to our members through the different existing trenchless technologies for the benefit of the projects of infrastructure generated in Mexico.”

NASTT Chair, Alan Goodman added: “NASTT has been blessed to work with five incredible people that are passionate about bringing trenchless technology to every corner of Mexico.  On the historic day of August 3rd, 2021 the Mexico Chapter was formed and inaugurated into NASTT.  Whether it be new installation or rehabilitation the Mexico Chapter wants to educate all sectors (municipalities, state agencies, utilities, contractors, and engineering firms) in all industries including water, sewer, gas, power, fiber and telecommunications.  Watch this Mexico Chapter grow, and we can’t wait to learn more about the future conferences and Good Practices Courses offered in Spanish.”

An opening webinar to outline the Chapters activities, introduce members and how to be involved is planned for early 2022 followed by in-person events. This includes the delivery of NASTT’s Introduction to Trenchless Technology Good Practices Courses, translated to Spanish with the assistance of grant funding from International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT). Work is also starting on a website and membership magazine and many other initiatives. If you are interested in being involved, please contact us at

In expanding their activities and delivery of trenchless technology education in Spanish to a wider audience, NASTT and MEXTT look forward to another exciting Chapter in NASTT history.