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Celebrating companies with a state-of-the-art product or service making a significant impact in advancing the trenchless industry in the areas of rehabilitation or new installation. The award is named for the late Joseph L. Abbott, Jr., an active NASTT member since its founding in 1990 and a champion of innovation.

Eligibility: Applicants must be an exhibitor or sponsor who will be on site at the upcoming NASTT No-Dig Show. Applicants can apply in one or both categories. Prior award recipients may submit different products or services in subsequent years.

Criteria: Submissions will be judged in four categories:

  • INNOVATION (concept, method, development);
  • VALUE (need, advantages, cost);
  • COMPETITIVE POSITION (pricing, quality, market share, advantages); and,
  • IMPACT (sustainability, social/environmental responsibility and potential).


      1. Submit a recording of your presentation by March 4 for judges to review. The recording will also be available at following the show. (Preparation instructions will be provided.)
      2. Participate in a brief Q&A with award judges the week of March 18. Interviews will take place using MS Teams or other online platform.
      3. Present your product at the Innovative Products Forum on site at the NASTT 2024 No-Dig Show in Providence, Rhode Island. The Forum is scheduled for Monday, April 15 from 10:00-11:55 a.m.  Please Note: The Forum is a showcase of innovative product releases in the trenchless industry and not part of the judging process.

          Get Started:

          Apply by March 1, 2024. If you have any questions contact Carolyn Hook.

          View recordings of prior finalists and winners.


          New Installation: Ditch Witch  for AT120 All-Terrain Horizontal Directional Drill
          As the largest AT drill in the world, the AT120 improves jobsite efficiency for previous mid- and maxi-size drill owners, using less drilling fluid and resulting in decreased jobsite waste, minimized cleanup and reduced environmental impact.

          Rehabilitation: Sunbelt Rentals for PumpSentri
          PumpSentri is an advanced standalone bypass monitoring system that can fully integrate into a bypass pumping system and sends real-time pumping system information to  a cloud-based platform for data logging system pressure, suction vacuum, wet well surcharge, flow, vibration and all the engine telematics.


          New Installation: Boyd Tech, Inc.  for their B-Tech Connections
          A means to mechanically connect HDPE piping for pulling, pushing and transitions, B-Tech Connections provides a pipe-to-pipe connection wherein ID & OD remain the same. 

          Rehabilitation: Aegion LLC for their CIPP Carbon Filter System
          A carbon filtration solution for CIPP steam-cured product that exhausts Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and accompanying odors. 


          New Installation: Digital Control Incorporated for their Teratrak R1
          A terrain mapping tool with accompanying mobile app that enables a crew to quickly gather continuous terrain data with a bore plan to get around terrain changes and cross utilities with confidence.

          Rehabilitation: Logiball, Inc. for their Long Span Grouting Packer
          A structural stabilization technique, which prevents pipe joint defects from progressing from a crack to a fracture or from a fracture to a break.  It does this by eliminating the erosive effects of water infiltration through the defects and by the solidifying of the pipe bedding.


          New Installation: Geonex for their DTH-hammer drilling system.
          Geonex’s system works with steel casing or without casing in solid rock and performs best in hard rock and mixed soil conditions, where rock quality creates significant costs with tricone bits or in mixed soil conditions that cannot be supported with drilling fluids. Method is direct pipe installation method and operates with an air percussion hammer.

          Rehabilitation: Kobus Services Ltd. for their Kobus Pipe Puller KPP400 Series
          The Kobus Pipe Puller KPP400 Series is an innovative trenchless technology for the replacement of water and gas service pipes.  The device is a self-contained hydraulic winch which mounts on the arm of a typical compact excavator found on most construction sites.  The powerful hydraulic motors are driven from the auxiliary hydraulics of the excavator and are capable of delivering 60,000 lbs of pulling force.