Pipe Bursting Center of Excellence Members

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The following are current members of NASTT who volunteer their time to serve on the committee for the Pipe Bursting Center of Excellence:

Alan Ambler, AM Trenchless (Committee Chair)

Jake Andresen, Staheli Trenchless

Jack Burnam, Jacobs-Ch2M

Darin Fogg, Mocon

Jennifer Glynn, Woodard & Curran

Alan Goodman, Hammerhead

Mark Hutchinson, Consultant

Matthew Izzard, TT Technologies – UK

George Mallakis, TT Technologies

Rick Melvin, TT Technologies

Kevin Nagle, TT Technologies

Sean O’Rourke, Hazen and Sawyer

Collins Orton, Trenchless Solutions

David O’Sullivan, PW Trenchless Construction

Paul Pasko, SEH

Michael Rocco, AUI

Piero Salvo, GAME Consultants

Kim Staheli, Staheli Trenchless

Matt Timberlake, Ted Berry Company

Dennis Walsh, PSE&G

Mike Woodcock, Portland Utilities Construction Company