Primus Line Announces John Moody as Director of Sales for USA and Canada

February 17, 2021 by NASTT Staff

In his five years with Primus Line, John Moody has been instrumental in establishing Primus Line trenchless technology in the U.S. marketplace. He has been able to build strong customer relationships, attract new partners, and focus operators and utilities on the benefits of the product.

For John Moody, the biggest challenge facing the Canadian and U.S. markets is the shift from gravity lines to pressure pipes: “The failure rate in the pressure pipe segment with ductile iron and cast iron along with the challenges associated with asbestos cement pipe is increasing exponentially. Expertise and awareness is growing, but the transition from gravity piping to pressure piping is significant. This is where the 20 years of experience we have with Primus Line is critical.” That is why he sees it as his job to educate pipe owners about the real advantages and disadvantages of the various rehabilitation methods in each individual case. “Not just making a sale but building trust with the owner is the ultimate goal.”

Among other projects, John Moody was involved in the Fort Lauderdale drinking water emergency bypass kit and the rehabilitation of 18,000 feet of a 6 inch wastewater line at the Houston Oil Refinery. The latter project involved Primus Line’s longest pull-in in one piece in the U.S. to date (4,500 feet).

John Moody has been a salesman or project manager in the construction industry for over 25 years in areas including highway, water, stormwater and sewer. He has now spent the last ten years heavily involved in sales of pipe lining, spiral pipe and CIPP for pressure pipe.

In his new role, he will guide the market growth efforts and client sales of the Primus Line Inc. in the U.S. and Canada. Together with his team of four Area Sales Managers, he will continue to promote the trenchless technology and provide excellent technical solutions using the Primus Line® system. John Moody is sure: “2021 is going to be our best year yet!”

John Moody
Director of Sales
Mobile: +1 704-569-4460