The NASTT Hall of Fame is pleased to welcome Brian Dorwart, Senior Consultant at Brierley Associates as its 2024 inductee. The Hall of Fame honors NASTT members who have made outstanding accomplishments and exceptional contributions to the advancement of the North American trenchless industry and NASTT.

As Trenchless Technology techniques were gaining popularity in the US during the late 70s, Brian Dorwart was working in the construction industry as a geologist, geotechnical exploration driller, and construction technician. Immediately following completion of his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, he started work with a geotechnical engineering firm diving into technical analyses, and management of projects involving geology, geotechnical engineering, underground construction, and geotechnical instrumentation. Dorwart has provided expertise on projects ranging from heavy construction of pipelines, tunnels, dams, and highways, to light industrial buildings and dynamic machine foundations. His area of specialization is the interaction of ground to excavation tools and/or natural environmental processes and ground modification for construction. This specialization has been applied to trenchless technologies including directional drilling, small to large tunnels, soil/rock stability in shoreline protection systems, landslides, during permitting, design, and construction. His management experience includes developing strategies for bid preparation, risk based design, conceptual design, research and development, construction engineering, forensic analyses, and consulting.

Dorwart’s extensive range of expertise in trenchless technologies has contributed to the industry and knowledge base through an understanding of the interaction of subsurface engineering and geology, leaving a legacy of technological advances within the industry and projects throughout North America.

In addition authoring more than 20 papers for NASTT No-Dig Shows, Dorwart has contributed papers or articles to AWWA, GeoStrata, ASCE, ISTT, Trenchless World, UCT, Geotechnical Instrumentation News, Trenchless Technology, DCCA, Tunnel Business Magazine, Geosynthetics, ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal, US Rock Mechanics Conference, and the Society of Mining.

Upon being told the news, Dorwart responded, “This is quite an honor. I’m honored to just have been considered.” He discussed his commitment to spreading knowledge, getting new engineers excited about trenchless and advancing the profession. “Knowledge is key these days. The more we can pass it around the better. Somebody helped us. Somebody encouraged us,” he remarked. Brian is dedicated to paying it forward having spent a lot of time in the industry, especially in the early 90s as part of the Northeast Trenchless Association and the formation of the Northeast Regional Chapter by helping folks solve problems. “I try to support the young people and get them involved in presenting papers. My name doesn’t need to be on it,” he said. “They’re doing the work and gaining the experience. That’s just part of being an engineer.”

Brian’s induction will be celebrated at the NASTT No-Dig Show on April 16 during the Casino Royale. Purchase your ticket when you register to attend the conference.