Abbott Innovative Product Award Committee

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NASTT’s Abbott Innovative Product Award committee is responsible for selecting the Innovative Product Awards recipients at NASTT’s No-Dig Show.

Meeting Frequency:

This committee schedules one in-person meeting at NASTT’s No-Dig Show.

Committee Members:

Alan Ambler, AM Trenchless
Joanne Carroll, Subtegic Group
Paul Savard, Parsons
Tayo Olatunji, DC Water
David Rosenberg, MICHELS Corp
New Installations:
Alan Atalah, Bowling Green State University
Maureen Carlin, Laney Directional Drilling
Michelle Macauley, Macauley Trenchless
Mohammad Najafi, The University of Texas at Arlington
Romeo Shiplee, Kleinfelder

For more information on the Abbott Innovative Product Award.