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The 2024 updated app is coming soon!

All conference information is available on the No-Dig Show app. Download it to join the fun and navigate onsite.


It’s simple! Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play by searching “NASTT No-Dig Show” in your app store, or click here for Apple Store and click here for Google Play.

Once you’ve downloaded you’ll access the No-Dig Show App using your NASTT profile login. You DO NOT need to be a NASTT member to have a profile!

If you haven’t logged in to your account in 2023 or if you’re not sure if you have an account, select “Click here to reset your password” from the log in screen. When prompted, enter your email to immediately receive a password reset link. If you do not receive a password, please create an account.


Step 1: Download the “NASTT No-Dig Show” app from Apple Store or Google Play. Click Log In.

Step 2: Click the NASTT logo to access the profile portal.

Step 3: Log in, reset your password or create a new account as needed.